Who's Who

Patron Saint:
St Chad
St Chad was a pupil of Aidan, who had established Christianity within Northumbria during the reign of King Oswald (634–42). St Chad spent some time at the monastery of Lindisfarne, where, along with his brother Cedd, he was taught by Aidan. He also spent some time in Ireland as part of his education.

In 664 he succeeded his brother as Abbot of Lastingham in the North York Moors. Later that same year King Oswy of Northumbria decided to consecrate Chad as his bishop. This was a somewhat irregular move, as the only reason for his consecration was Oswy’s impatience.

The designated Bishop of Northumbria, Wilfrid,had travelled to France to be consecrated but was an exceptionally long time returning. Eventually Oswy tired of the delay and consecrated Chad bishop in a ceremony under the authority of the Celtic bishops, rather than those of the newer Roman tradition.

On his eventual return to Northumbria, Wilfrid discovered that his original nominator (Oswy’s deputy) had died, and that another bishop had been consecrated in his place. To his credit, Wilfrid made no attempt to regain his position, but when Archbishop Theodore visited the region in 669 and remarked upon the irregularity of the situation Chad voluntarily gave up his position and returned to Lastingham.

Impressed by the humility of Chad, Theodore made him Bishop of Mercia. He repeated the entire consecration ceremony, as he considered the first ceremony invalid because of the overwhelming presence of Celtic bishops.

Chad fixed his residence at Lichfield, and led the diocese for two years. He travelled widely and established a monastery at Barrow, Lincolnshire. He oversaw the formation of Lichfield as an ecclesiastical centre before his death from the plague in 672. St Chad’s relics are preserved in the Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to him in Birmingham.
Interregnum - appointment of a new Vicar awaited

Lorraine Page

Assistant Churchwarden:
Lindsey Maclean
Jacob Matumamboh

Reader Emeritus:
Brian Hewkin

Lorraine Page

PCC Secretary:
Monica Mihungo

Safeguarding Officer:
Hannah Gregory

Mission Sub-committee:
Brian Hewkin

Deanery Synod Representatives:
Rose and Alan Tyrrell

Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association Captain:
Lindsey McClean

Youth Group Leader:
Paul Gregory

St Chad's Cherubs Leader:
Hannah Gregory

Breakfast Church Leader:
Lorraine Page

Choir Mistress:
Gloria Fitton

ESOL Tutor:
Matt Robinson

Home Group Leaders:
Monica Mihungo, Gloria Fitton

Altar Servers:
Martin Shorter, David Hall, Deborah Ajala, Vicky Ward

PCC Members:
Rebecca Ajala, Olufemi Ajala, Lisa Atherton, Abbi Brown, Gloria Fitton, Hannah Gregory, Brian Hewkin, Jacob Matumamboh, Lindsey McClean, Lorraine Page, Sue Shorter, Martin Shorter, Rose Tyrrell, Alan Tyrrell